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  • Comprehensive Approach: HSTACS follows a comprehensive and holistic approach to civil service preparation. We focus not only on the core subjects but also emphasizes current affairs, analytical thinking, and personality development, ensuring a well-rounded preparation.
  • Experienced Faculty: We have a team of highly experienced and renowned faculty members who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide students effectively. They provide valuable insights, mentorship, and personalized attention, enabling students to excel in their preparation.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods: HSTACS adopts innovative teaching methods, combining traditional classroom learning with modern techniques. It leverages technology, interactive sessions, case studies, and group discussions to enhance the learning experience and foster critical thinking among students.
  • Comprehensive Study Material: The study material provided by HSTACS is meticulously designed, covering all relevant topics and updated as per the latest exam trends. It is structured to provide a solid foundation and help students grasp complex concepts easily, saving valuable time in preparation.
  • Focus on Answer Writing and Test Series: HSTACS emphasizes the art of effective answer writing, as it is crucial for scoring well in the civil service exams. The institute conducts regular test series, mock exams, and individual feedback sessions to improve writing skills and boost confidence.
  • Personalized Guidance and Mentoring: HSTACS believes in personalized attention and offers individual guidance and mentoring to students. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student, provide targeted support, and help them overcome challenges, ensuring their overall growth and success.
  • Strong Track Record of Results: HSTACS has consistently produced impressive results in civil service exams, with a high number of successful candidates. This track record reflects our commitment to excellence and our ability to prepare students effectively for the challenges of the examination.
  • 800+ Hours of Classes:
  • Comprehensive Coverage of the Prelims and Mains Syllabus
  • Hybrid – online or offline
  • Live and recorded classes for online students
  • Personal mentoring and guidance
  • Anytime offline and online access to mentors
  • Data-driven assessment of the candidate’s performance
  • Comprehensive Study Materials
  • Development of skills for prelims, mains, and interviews
  • Availability of selected options
  • Ambient Learning Ecosystem
  • Structured prelims and mains test series
  • Residential facility and the opportunity to always be with the aspirant community.
  • Air-conditioned Reading Room
  • Air-Conditioned Smart Classes
  • Library consists of all relevant materials for UPSC civil service preparation
  • Daily and Monthly Current Affairs Materials


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