Special Batch (General Studies – Prelims cum Mains)

Expert 800 hours 3 students

This course will be coming soon…

Intensive coaching program designed for focused and accelerated learning, ensuring rigorous preparation for the IAS exam.


Course Features

  • 800+ Hours of Classes: Comprehensive Coverage of the Prelims and Mains Syllabus
  • Welcome kit consists of all relevant standard books
  • Personal mentoring and guidance
  • Anytime offline access to mentors
  • Data-driven assessment of the candidate’s performance
  • Comprehensive Study Materials
  • Development of skills for prelims, mains, and interviews
  • Availability of selected optional subjects
  • Ambient Learning Ecosystem
  • Structured prelims and mains test series
  • Residential facility and the opportunity to always be with the aspirant community.
  • Air-conditioned Reading Room
  • Air-Conditioned Smart Classes
  • The library consists of all relevant materials for UPSC civil service preparation.
  • Daily and Monthly Current Affairs Materials

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